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Various Escape Room Activities

beautiful cave

Escape room activities are quite popular in this world. This is because people want to have fun as much as they can. A lot of groups such as employees of a company and schools do benefit from Atlanta Escape Room. Learn more about their new room and the different rates they offer. These activities are useful as they help them team to improve their teamwork skills. Adventurers and fun loving people can have fun playing these games. For a group of people who want to have adequate fun, the following are some activities you need to enjoy.

Prison Break

ThePrison mention of this can be quite thrilling. You may have seen some movies on the same and realized how the activity could be dangerous. Some of the rooms are set to be like the hardest prisons to jailbreak. In most cases, you and your team are given time within which you will need to solve puzzles and find your way out. Keys to every door are hidden, and some clues are left for the team to find its way out. Usually, the time is limited, but you can get out successfully.

Treasure Island

A lot of people know about the treasure island. This is because it is a fun game that is mostly played by kids. In this case, teams are required to solve many puzzles that help them get to where the treasure is. You and your team have an obligation to remit all treasures to at the finish time before the time elapses. Most escape room providers offer soundtracks and themes and nature to ensure the game looks real.


Archeocavelogy and history related students that love the game. However, this does not mean the game is restricted to them. In the past, people were buried in tombs that were located in caves. In fact, tombs of prominent people such as queens and kings were huge and decorated with precious stones such as gold. You are required to find the tomb in the caves and come out with the required gems before the tomb is locked again.

The above are some of the examples of various escape room activities you can enjoy. Most of them revolve around the above ideas. Other than being fun and adventurous, you will learn other skills like team building and time management.


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