Ways to recycle at home

We are all striving to get ways to help our planet today. Whether it is seeking alternative energy sources, using our vehicles less, or trying to help in some other way. Today there are just as many concerns over our individual financial situation, and everyone is tightening their belts, and looking at every avenue to save money. There is a way that both of these things can be accomplished at the same time, and that is through recycling at home

Recycling at home

Have separate bins for different materialsrecycle

The first tip you must know is that to make it easier to recycle, you need to have separate bins, one for aluminum, glass, and plastic. If you aren’t sure about what plastics can be recycled, somewhere there is a triangle of arrows. If you see this sign, it can be recycled. Your best bet is to put your recycle bins right next to the trash bins in your house, so you can sort as you are throwing things away.

Put all of your organic waste in compost site

If you have a yard or garden, start a compost site. There are containers you can buy that are relatively cheap, or some different sized prefabricated bins as well. Put all of your organic waste in them, such as lawn clippings, potato peels, and any other organic matter. This can then be used as fertilizer for your garden or lawn and saves these from going to the dump.

Buy power strips for all of your electrical equipment

To save money on your bills, buy power strips for all of your electrical equipment, like TVs stereos, and computers. When you go to bed, simply turn the strip off, and cut the power to these applications. Even when these electronics are turned off at the unit itself, they still draw power. When you are not home, like going on vacation, make sure that everything but the refrigerator is turned off and unplugged. Fix all of these leaking faucets, dripping water wastes water.


You can recycle batteribatteries the same way you recycle printer ink, by putting them in charity recycling bags or battery recycling bins. You can also find the bins in local supermarkets and office places, and some electronic stores have them too. Alternatively just buy rechargeable batteries for sustainability and help save the planet one battery re-charge at a time.

Recycling at home is a big step forward in beginning a greener lifestyle. It not only will lessen your impact on the environment but will also serve as a daily reminder to you to try and decrease your carbon footprint in your everyday life.