A shroom is a psilocybin type of drug that will change the body cells’ behavior when taken. They are types of mushrooms that are consumed for distinction. Shrooms are consumed for their hallucinogenic effect and are naturally occurring. Psilocybin is the key ingredient found in shrooms. Magic mushrooms look like poisonous mushrooms that, when consumed, can cause serious sickness or maybe death.

I’ve been ordering shrooms online to improve my focus and creativity. They can also come as a powder in capsules, tablets, or they can be dissolved in water. Shrooms can also be eaten fresh, brewed into tea, or hot water, or it may be cooked. Depending on dosage and individual, the effect of taking shrooms can take four to eight hours. Below are some of the ways to take shrooms:

Smoking Shrooms

Shrooms can be harvested and crushed into small pieces or powder and therefore be rolled as a join or cigarette even if smoking shrooms work. The effect of smoking shrooms takes less time than when taken orally or when injected.

But this is not the best way to take shrooms. There are some drugs that, when smoked, will get you high. There is no need to add more gunk into your pipes.

Raw Chewing and Swallowing

The usual way of taking shrooms is by chewing and swallowing. You should chew the shrooms thoroughly for the juice to come out completely. The released psychoactive compounds that mix with your saliva will mix with your blood to enrich every cell in your body.

It will take up to 45 minutes for effect to start reacting into your body cells. You should remember to clean your shrooms before taking them.

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Gel Caps

After cleaning shrooms, you can keep them in direct sunlight or a machine to help it dry. The dry pre-measured shrooms are therefore powdered with a grinder and poured into the gel caps. You can easily estimate your dosage since you actually know how much you have put in every gel cap.

Taking Shroom Edibles

Shrooms can be added to some food or substances that can be eaten. The shrooms should never be added to the food during the cooking stage. This will make the active compounds that make your trip break down under excessive heat.

Instead, shrooms should be added to sauces or toppings after the cooking stage. A shroom edible can be a cake, chocolate, cookies, pizza, among other edible foodstuffs. You should clean the fungi before mixing shrooms with food.