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Uses of hairdressing scissors


Hairdressers use a wide array of scissors. These come in different designs and sizes. Each of these scissors has its different uses and this depends largely on the type of hair you have and the specific style you want. A complex haircut with various design styles requires various shears, but even a basic haircut needs tools provides that clean and precise cut.

A poor choice of variety of tools used in hairdressing can result in bad haircuts leading to damage hair and split ends. As a hair stylist, it is important for you invest your money in buying the most appropriate scissors for hair styling.

Hair dressing scissors can be broadly categorized into two depending on their blades. The scissor blades determine their use.

Bevelled edge

Bevelled edge

Bevelled-edge blades compose of a mixture of metals which make them light in weight. An example of this kind of blade is the Kobe AB-Initio President. These blades have serrations on both sides which are great at cutting hair.

Convex blades

These are commonly referred to as “Japanese Style” and are the sharpest razor shaped blades. They are made from stainless steel and are hollow shaped on the inside making them ideal for slicing. They are more expensive than bevelled edged scissors. Popular brands include Passion scissors and Kasho scissors ranges.


Clippers are used to create fades and precise haircuts. Most military and service men use clippers for their haircuts. In terms of cost, they are expensive but worth every penny.


The razor shear has one loop which serves as a base for the hairdresser’s index for the stylist’s index finger with the top of the razor as a single blade. The hairdresser holds the blade in one hand and uses the single blade in the other to create defined cuts. The sharp razor on the comb requires mastery and keenness or else someone might end up messing the hair with undefined cuts.

Basic equipment

They look like the regular scissors we use in our homes and they cut hair clean without folding it. They are sharp and create harder lines unlike other tools and their size and shape vary with each stylist preferring on that suits their comfort.

Like their name suggests Edger/trimmer are scissors used to clean up edges on short haircuts. They give your hair that refined look.

Thinning shears

hair cut

It is also referred to as chunking shears in some places. They make the cuts uniform and are often used to create volume. Thinning shears blades have widely spaced teeth for those sections of hair that are thick like the sides and the back. They are used to either thin the hair or texturize the ends. They can also be used to create volume as they lay the hair down. They suit both left and right-handed stylists.






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